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Let's Make It Better Than Ever!

Martin Wilk likes to make things better. From designing a new piston valve to refurbishing a cherished old horn, Martin uses his experience and dedication to improve brass musical instruments, evidenced in the way they pour out sound, in the way they feel to a player, in the way they catch the light on a beautifully rounded surface.

Drawing from science and engineering, Martin has made dramatic contributions to the art of making music. His MAW Valve is one of the most significant innovations in piston valves and the manufacture of instruments in more than a century.

Yet Martin maintains the time-honored traditions that molded brass instruments into what they are. He treats each horn he handles with old-world craftsmanship. His handwork, such as bending branches or smoothing out dents, is worthy of the old masters.

Martin truly enjoys improving horns, and he takes them apart, corrects their problems, and puts them together again with gusto. But even more than that, he enjoys helping customers. He would love to help you. Give him a call at 812-364-6421.

MAW valves

Martin Wilk is that rare combination of craftsman, artist and great person. His artistry is evident in the high quality and ingenuity of his work. His work is always clean, correct, and yes, artistic; whether he's simply refitting a loose brace or doing a complete overhaul.

Paul Scott

Adjunct Tuba Professor, William Paterson University

Wayne, New Jersey